Summer 2013


Welcome to 7th Street Farms, an on-going adventure in urban farming!

Summer! Here in the Eastbay we're saying goodbye to long spring days as the Summer Solstice starts to beat a retreat into the past. The days of summer get progressively shorter as the sun moves ever southward--but while they do so, we're able to enjoy this fruits of this blessed season.

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Late July: Above are some of the season's first tomatoes fresh off the vine. To the far left are our old standard Health Kickers; in the middle are some hefty Big Mamas; and the large, deep red example on the far right is a meaty and sweet Amish Paste--this variety is by far our best tasting tomato to date.


This year we wanted to expand our tomato horizons, so we germinated several 'new' varieties of seed. Over the coming season we hope to report how they did in Eastbay cultivation.

    • Health Kick  This is our old, reliable, high-lycopene, & heavy producing hybrid from Burpee seeds, which we have grown for several years now. Our plants are getting stocky and are setting fruit. We really love these tomatoes!
    • Big Mama  Another Burpee hybrid. We're trying these Mamas out for the 1st time this year. So far, our plants are tall and leggy with several large fruit set already.
    • Amish Paste  These are an open-polinated variety we purchased from Seed Savers Exchange. In form, these plants are almost indistinguishable from the Big Mamas--so far. Another new arrival to our beds.
    • Italian Heirloom  This open-polinated variety also comes to us from Seed Savers Exchange. They are purported to be a large, tasty and productive Tom. We shall see...
    • Crimson Sprinter  Here's yet another 1st timer in our garden. Developed in the Northern Tier by Prarie Road Organic Seed, this open-polinated, high-lycopene variety has already impressed us in terms of plant form and hardiness. Let's see what the fruit are like...


Seed Pod City  We had a great Calochortus season this year, with several plants blooming in earnest for the first time--most notably our White Sierra Globe Lilies (C. albus), and the Yellow Cat's Ears (C. monophyllus). Now all that's left of this spring's lovely display are drying seed pods, concealing their genetic treasures inside.  We should be ready to ship seed orders in late August.

Check out this season's Calochortus Image Gallery.

Bulbs  Our Calochortus bulbs need to dry out and rest through the summer. We should be shipping them starting in mid to late October.

Our Seed and Bulb Ordering pages will update in August.