Brassicas We're Growing

March 2013

What we thought were little green collard trees we started from seed late last summer (see below) grew into quite large Dinosaur Kale plants. Many of the leaves were a foot and a half long, by one foot wide, with stalks like broccoli spears. We've been eating greens all winter, but now they seem to be going to seed. Still lotsa greens there tho.



An Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage going to seed.


October 2012

The moderate climate of the San Francisco Bay Area makes year-round aggriculture a very real possibility, and perhaps nowhere is this more true than where Brassicas are concerned. The cool temperatures and moist winters we experience provide a hospitable environment for many of these tasty and beneficial plants.

This year at 7th Street Farms we're growing a number of different Brassicas:

BokChoy500x433 RutaB450x554

Glorious Bok Choy glistening in the morning sun, while Rutabaga seedlings look on.   Above: The same Rutabagas really grown-up.

Mizspoona450x419  CurlyMus400x413

A sunburst of Mispoona--a cross between Asian Brassicas Mizuna and Tatsoi.    Above: Curly Mustard Greens with Mispoona in the foreground.

GrnCollYng500x346  CollTrees550x321

A young Green Collard Tree seedling strikes a dramatic pose in the morning sun.  Above: The same Collard Tree with siblings.