Fall 2013

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Welcome to 7th Street Farms, the on-going adventure in urban farming!

Fall! The Autumnal Equinox has come bringing with it ever shorter days, and, here in the Eastbay, cool mornings and warm afternoons with lengthening shadows and golden sunsets.The harvest season is upon us once again and we have much to be thankful for. Our tomatoes produced one of the biggest crops we've seen so far, and we've learned about some new varieties. See our 2013 Tomato Recap. This summer we learned about the Scarlet Runner Bean, and currently have a nice crop we've dedicated for drying.

Calochortus: Our Calochortus varieties did very well this year. See our Calochortus Image Gallery. We have a nice variety of bulbs available, as well as seed from almost every variety we cultivate. Check out our bulb and seed catalog pages. We'll be shipping bulbs until early November, in most cases. Seed is available all the time, but most of the Calochortus seed we sell does best when germinated around November as well--in climates where they won't see too much frost or freezing, of course.

Brassicas! Here along the shores of the San Francisco Bay, the agricultural year never ends, and our mild climate allows us to grow many varieties of these cruciferous veggies during the fall. We have rutabagas, and several varieties of cabbage getting ready to go into the garden for harvest in early winter. We're also experimenting with Brussel Sprouts this season!