Calochortus Bulbs 2013

 Calochortus Bulbs Available for Purchase

December 2013--All our bulbs are now back into cultivation. Thanks to all our customers for your purchases this past year!

The bulbs we sell were all raised here at 7th Street Farms.

Cat's Ears

Calochortus monophyllus (Yellow Cat's Ear)

From Butte County, CA. Small, densely hairy, golden yellow flowers with markings of red to brown. Foliage is beautiful in its own right. Likes partial shade.

Price:  $5.00 ea.                             c.monophyllus catpicseed01


Globe Lilies

Calochortus albus (White Globe Lily)

Alameda County variety. Pale greenish-white-to-white petals tinged with copper. Copper penciling on sepals and around gland. Likes partial shade.

Price:  $3.50 ea.                             Calb300x300

Calochortus albus (Sierra Variety)

Sierra variety. Much whiter than the Coastal variety. Likes partial shade.

Price:  $5.00 ea.                             Calochortus albus sierra catpicseed01


Calochortus amabilis (Golden Fairy Lantern, Diogenes' Lantern)

Napa County variety. Entirely lemon-yellow pendant blooms. Likes partial shade.

Price:  $3.50 ea.                             C.amabilis catpicseed01

Calochortus amoenus (Purple Fairy Lantern)

Southern Sierra origins. Beautiful Magenta-to-pink blossoms. This plant is a fast grower, sometimes producing flowers from seed in one growing season. This beauty also likes partial shade.

Price:  $2.50 ea., or 5 for $10.00   Calochortus amoenus catpicbulb01

Calochortus pulchellus (Diablo Globe Lily)

Endemic to Contra Costa County. Yellow, pendant, very globe-like flowers. Very similar to C. amabilis. Likes to be in partial shade. Rare.

Price:  $8.00 ea.                             C.pulchellus catpicseed01

Mariposa Lilies

Calochortus argillosus (Clay Mariposa Lily)

San Mateo County variety.  A beautiful and extremely variable flower. Mainly white, streaked with any combination of brick-red, yellow, purple, and brown. The petal exterior is often air-brushed with magenta penciling. Full sun.

Price:  $4.50 ea.  SOLD OUT         C.arg300x300   Calochortus argillosus catpicbulb



Calochortus leichtlinii (Alpine Mariposa Lily)

An native of the High Sierra. Small of stature with striking white petals etched with smokey markings. Every feature of this beauty wispers 'elegance!' Full sun.

Price:  $10.00 ea.                             C. leicht. catpicbulb01   C. leicht. catpicbulb02


Calochortus luteus (Yellow Mariposa Lily)

Another San Mateo variety. Yellow flowers, stippled with brown; orange hairs on the interior gland. Enjoys full sun.

Price:  $3.50 ea.                             Cluteus300x300

Calocortus superbus (Superb Mariposa Lily)

Butte County variety. This is the Yellow Superbus--tall, as far as Mariposas go. Flowers are similar to luteus, (which it reportedly hybridizes with), but larger and with a pronounced brown petal blotch. Vigorous. Full sun.

Price:  $3.50 ea.                             Superbus02

Calochortus venustus (Butterfly Mariposa Lily)

This Alameda County variety is predominantly white with an upper petal blotch which can resemble a faint match flame to a veritable bonfire of orange red and yellow. It's petal exterior is often lightly kissed with pink. Full to partial sun.

Price:  $2.50 ea., or 5 for $10.00   CvenAlaWhite300x300   CvenAlaWclosed300x300


Calochortus venustus (Contra Costa Variety)

Contra Costa County variety is a highly variable and beautiful flower. Full to partial sun.

Price:  $2.50 ea., or 5 for $10.00   C. venustus CoCo catpicbulb01   C. venustus yel catpicbulb02


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In the pipeline...

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