Calochortus albus--The White Globe Lily

Calochortus albus

C.albus400x299  C.albusInSitu400x357

C. albus, also known as the White Globe Lily or Fairy Lantern is the most widespread of the California Globe Lilies. It has a coastal form of the flower, as well as a southern and Sierra form. C. albus generally likes to grow on hillsides and roadcuts in full or partial shade. In the Bay Area, the pendant flowers of C. albus tend to be pinkish to greenish white with copper or pink striations on the sepals and over the prominent gland.

This plant can get fairly tall as far as Globe Lilies go.  Alameda county plants may have stems as long as a foot or more, carrying several 1 in. flowers on its various branches. As observed in the above photos, the sparse hairs which cover the petal interior tend to stick out like teeth, reminiscent of Audrey Jr., the man-eating plant of "Little Shop of Horrors" fame. But there's nothing to fear from this understated beauty.