Variegated Purple Fairy Lantern

Calochortus amoenus variegated.100ppi500x409s

The variegation on the foliage of this Purple Fairy Lantern is reminiscient of the markings on certian varieties of Spider Plant.

We were surprised last year when we noticed among the C. amoenus seedlings sown the year before a plant very different from its siblings. We weren't sure if this was just a diseased plant--kind of spindly as it was, and streaked with yellow markings. But it held its own and survived the growing season to go into regular dormancy.

It was another pleasant surprise a few months ago when we saw this same plant come back with the seeming vigor of one destined to bloom--and bloom it has! While the foliage is similar in its streaking to a variegated spider plant, the flower is pretty much a normal Purple Fairy Lantern.

Now we're wondering if this plant is going to develop into a new and stable variety of C. amoenus--and if we're going to get some viable seeds. Stay tuned....